Osaka Sushi

Osaka Sushi - is a great sushi restaurant in the centre of town. Just what Lagos needed a good Japanese eatery. They have a fantastic deal for €15.90 which consists of a virtually un-ending line of around 30 different dishes. This is a great introduction to the genre for beginners and a treat for the already versed. The experience has a lovely slow pace to it so make sure you have set aside plenty of time to enjoy your meal. In addition to the aforementioned special, Osaka has a huge range of other sushi platters and Japanese dishes. The drink menu is varied with a full wine list, local and Japanese beers and of course sake.

  • Address: Rua 1ยบ de Maio
  • No TV
  • Open All Year

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T and L said...

We've been twice now in the last week and want to go again tonight! The All-You-Can-Eat deal is definitely worth it! You order off a menu so everything is prepared to order. Everything we've ordered has been so fresh and delicious we've overeaten each time we've been there because it's too good to stop. Some of the highlights from the menu are:

-any of the sushi rolls (my personal fave: California)
-the salmon sashimi is to die for! It practically melts in your mouth it's so fresh!!
-the Chicken Teriyaki is the best I've ever had, crispy on the outside and served in a sweet teriyaki glaze
-the gyoza were delcious, we ate numerous orders of them
-the tempura were perfect, not too greasy and the batter was so light and crispy
-the shrimp soba noodles were so good we couldn't get enough!
-the shrimp teppanyaki were cooked perfectly in a lightly spiced sauce, I've never eaten so many shrimp in one sitting

I could go on and on forever! The fish was of such high quality and was so fresh, you will not be disappointed. The couple that own and run the place are really sweet. The service is fantastic, very quick! There are no limits on the all-you-can-eat so bring your appetite! Oh and don't forget to order the green tea ice cream for dessert (if you've still got a little bit of room) - it's unbelievable! I can't say enough good things about this place...if I could reach through your computer, grab you and take you there myself, I have to go!!!